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Welcom To The New Massey Ferguson 135 Website

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on November 23, 2009

This is the first ever entry on the website.  We have started this website because we believe such an iconic classic tractor deserves its own domain name and website!

In fact surveys tell us that the 135 is the most popular classic tractor ever built.  There is so much interest in these tractors it is unreal, but not unbelievable.  Anyone who has driven a Massey 135 will understand why.  They are just a joy to drive, much lighter on the steering than the larger 165, or 175, nimble in the steering lock yet capable of performing most tasks on the farm in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  In fact many of them are still in use on farms today.

They are just that bit more comfortable than the Massey Ferguson 35 was, with a slightly higher driving position meaning that the clutch is at a more comfortable angle – particularly as many of these tractors were fitted with a fore-end loader.

An issue of a tractor magazine does not seem to be published by the likes of Tractor and Machinery, Classic Tractor, Tractor Magazine or Classic Massey without there been an article included about these tractors.  Then of course there are sites such as Vintage Tractor Engineer where there are just hundreds of questions, answers and articles on how to repair your 135.

If you have any information about these tractors to share with us, then please leave a comment for everyone to read.  It is the contribution of the readers that makes this site what it is.  Most of the articles and information have come from owners of these tractors.


One Response to “Welcom To The New Massey Ferguson 135 Website”

  1. Ian Clarke said

    Hi all. I have just come across this site, looks great.

    I am the proud owner of an MF 135 petrol with Multi-power. Total hours 2355 since new in May 1969. It was totally resprayed 10 years ago. I have fitted a Jacobs ignition system to it, which makes a huge difference, also Amsoil synthetic lubricants, again a big difference. The lights have been replaced with the later, larger QH units, relays fitted also. The generator removed and an alternator fitted instead.

    Keep up a great site.

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