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Massey Ferugoson 135, Stuck In Bog

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 6, 2010

I was surfing Youtube today and what was I looking at? The Massey Ferguson 135 videos of course. There’s quite a few videos on there of our favourite little red tractor, but one in particular caught my eye. The 135 in this video is hauling a trailer across a boggy landscape.

The tractor is well equipped for the job. It has dual wheels on and is pulling a trailer that also has duals and quite large diameter tyres with a self-cleaning tractor style cleat. What I noticed is that when we get the camera shot of the clevis-type drawbar, we can see there is a ground sped pto drive to the trailer wheels. This rig is clearly put together to work in these boggy conditions, and we see the back axle of the loaded trailer go down on one occasion. Then all of a sudden, the driver loses the front wheels of the tractor in a wet hole.

We can now see how boggy the land is, and how capable the tractor/trailer combination is at traversing this landscape. The driver tries to reverse out of the bog, but the front wheels just remain completely burried for what must be 15-20 meters. It just shows how good the 135 is with the duals at staying on top of the turf. I think they need wider wheels at the front to reduce the ground pressure, or maybe a driven front axle.

This film just goes to show how useful and versatile the MF135 is. No wander they are still been used as work horses today all over the world.

This tractor and trailer combination reminds me of another similar rig I saw recently. This time it was a Ford 8210, front wheels removed and connected to a stone cart via an artic chassis. The rear wheels on the stone cart were driven by the ground speed pto of the 8210. The machine was been used for backfilling, working alongside a Mastenbroek trencher laying drainage pipe in some peaty soils. The drainage contractor said the cart was superb in wet conditions and the driver was pretty skilled at hiting the stone chute of the trencher. I know it wasn’t a Massey, but it was an interesting machine to see working.

One Response to “Massey Ferugoson 135, Stuck In Bog”

  1. Buck said

    I now have a 135 that I love. I did have a MF30 industrial (yellow) tractorvwhich never let me down, that I bought for $300 and used it and abused it for 12 years on our 5 acre farm . My new 135 is a 1971 Canadian model as the 135 emblem is at the steering wheel end of the engine cover. The 3 cyl. desiel engine starts easily and runs great. Last night I went through the electrical system and got the fluorescent gauge lights working and found out hat it has a Delo Remy 10DN alternator which does not have the internal regulator, maybe one day I will change it over to the alternator with an internal regulator, just to clean up the wiring.

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