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Radiator, Massey Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 6, 2010

If  your radiator is damaged then there are three options.

  1. You can simply try a radiator sealer which you just follow the manufacturers instructions and pour into your system.  These chemicals tend to have mixed results and will certainly not work with a large leak.  Personally my experience of these products is one of dissapointment.
  2. Re-core.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your radiator re-cored.  Other than the cost!!  You can ring for a quote, but this tends to be an expensive process and usually only worthwhile with a large or expensive radiator.
  3. Replace with a new radiator.  The radiators for the MF135 are produced in sufficiently large numbers to make them quite cheap to buy in comparrison with a re-core.  Compare radiator prices.

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