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Water Temperature Gauge, Massey Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 6, 2010

The water temperature gauges can sometimes go wrong and a replacement is necessary. If you are looking to maintain originallity then you will probaby need to look for a second hand gauge, as the outer detailing is often different to the original.

New gauges are not expensive at approximately £12. If yours in broken then replacing it is definately a good idea, as a boiling engine can warp the head and create a lot of expense. Check to make sure your radiator is clean. If it is clogged with dirt then it will need blowing out with an airline. If an airline will not move the dirt then you may need to remove the radiator and pressure hose the dirt out. Just be careful if you are pressure hosing the radiator. The fins are very delicate and you do not want to damage the core.

Other things to check are the thermostat, water pump and the flow of water through the radiator. If you take off the bottom hose and fill the top from a hosepipe then the flow of water through the radiator whould be able to take the water from the hosepipe without it backing up and spilling out of the filler (that’s an approximate guide). Also check the radiator cap – the rubber seal should be intact and serviceable, otherwise the presure (and hence temperature of the water) will be incorrect.


5 Responses to “Water Temperature Gauge, Massey Ferguson 135”

  1. Tim said

    I have a 1968 135, we did it up a few years back but never got round to sorting out the electrics, I dont suppose you would happen to know how to check if the fuel gauge is working and how the lights wire back up to the original switch as this all seems to have got a bit lost in translation between the strip down and re-build

  2. Sveinn Erlendsson said

    Hi, I have a MF 135 1973. ‘ll Make it like new. It will be used for my holiday in Iceland. I love my tractor and plan on keeping it for a lifetime

  3. Mickey said

    I have a 1971 135 that belonged to my grand dad that I’m restoring. I’m trying to find a wiring harness for it. It’s a 3 cylinder perkins gas burner. I could really use the help if anyone knows were I can find one.

  4. richard taylor said

    How do you wire the temperature gauge on a MF 135

  5. Skippy said

    The temperature gauge I have has a led to the sensor but no obvious source of power. Does anyone know how it should be wired please?

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