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Which Grade Of Engine Oil, Massey Ferguson 135?

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 28, 2010

When changing the engine oil in the Massey 135 with a Perkins AD3-152 engine, it is essential to use the correct oil. The type of oil chosen does depend on the climate, but the modern multi-grade oils make this much easier.

For normal temperate climates (0 to 25 degrees C) most people use a 15W40 multigrade oil. If however, the tractor is in a cold climate, then 10W30 is more common. In climates such as Canada, where the summer and winter temperature extremes are so wide, it is often necessary to change the oil between summer and winter.


5 Responses to “Which Grade Of Engine Oil, Massey Ferguson 135?”

  1. Paul said

    Own a 135 Massey can someone telle the hydraulic oil to use for winter ? Thanks

  2. Paul said

    Own a 135 Massey can someone tell me the best hydraulic oil to use for winter. Thanks

  3. Angela said

    Can anyone tell me why oil comes out of my dip-stick when the engine is running? I have not over-filled with oil.

    • Joseph V. said

      It is just a thought, but it could be that your engines piston rings are worn to the point where they are letting alot of the compression chamber gases pass into the block which creates extra pressure that has to escape and that would be through the dip stick hole.

    • Colin Beddows said

      Just sold a John Deere Model 303 made at Saran, France for restoration to tractorboy in the UK ( I’m in SW France). Engine (Standard 23c aka Ferguson 35) worn and smoking. The oil dipstick had oil coming out (and the engine breather pip) due to back pressure from the work cylinders, but can also be caused by worn/faulty piston rings…. you can try taking off the rocker cover cap to see if more oil or fumes come out… Just bought a MF 135 (hence looking on this site), 995 hours – genuine – two previous owners, first til 2007 then bought by a Massey main dealer mechanic, tinwork shot so, lots of painting, lights shot (extra trailer lighting fitted). Good luck Angela.

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