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MF 135 Stopped Charging Battery

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on February 7, 2010

We’ve had a question from Gary, who asks about his Massey Ferguson 135 dynamo, as the electrical system isn’t charging the tractor battery. Here is what Gary says…

I have a MF135 with a diesel engine.It has stopped charging the battery and wondered if you could tell me how to check to see if the dynamo and other components are working correctly to find out what is wrong.The tractor is used on a working farm daily as it is ideal to get in the small byres.

Thank you

Gary W.

Hi Gary,

We have written a page on how to test the dynamo on the Vintage Tractor Engineer Site…

Testing a 12V Dynamo

…also from there you can see a link to the MF35 wiring diagram, which is similar to yours (but positive earth instead of negative).

Just a few questions for you to think about

  1. Do the lights work? When you turn on the lights does this show a minus current? Because if the ampmeter does not show a discharge during electricuse (eg lights on) then it is likely that the charging does not work for the same reason – the reason been that it is possible that the ampmeter has gone faulty. When this happens the battery cannot charge.
  2. Are your battery leads and wiring loom OK. If it is turning the starter
    motor over OK then battery leads should be OK.
  3. Is the wiring loom OK. Often the earth lead comes off the regulator box (or breaking through at some point).

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

The MF135 Team.


3 Responses to “MF 135 Stopped Charging Battery”

  1. nicholas v said

    the massey ferguson 135 I have is not charging back to the batteryI replaced the alternator but no help so im going to go with the ammeter bought one on line from tractor shack. hopefully it works tractor starts right up with a fresh battery or jumper cables. so I think the wiring is ok and I already had put a new alternator on. keeping fingers crossed.

  2. Tommy Higgins said

    Could you recommend a battery charger for MF135 tractor.

  3. Babak Kamali said

    I have the same problem, but just need to be sure that battery “-” should be connected to the body. Diagram shows that “+” is connected to the body.

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