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Posted by The 135 Webmaster on February 12, 2010

The Massey Ferguson 135 is a popular tractor.  In fact it is one of the most popular tractors for vintage and classic enthusiasts.  So today I did a bit of research into what people are searching for on the internet when they are looking for information on this tractor.  Here are some of the terms people are typing in…

  1. ferguson 135
  2. massey ferguson 135
  3. MF135
  4. MF 135
  5. ferguson 135 tractor
  6. ferguson MF 135
  7. massey ferguson MF135
  8. 135 MF
  9. massey furguson 135
  10. massey 135
  11. tractor 135
  12. 135 tractors
  13. perkins 135
  14. massey ferusson 135
  15. massey ferguson tractor 135
  16. masey ferguson 135

…and a whole host of other spellings of the tractor name!!!

People are also searching for spares, second hand, for sale, cabs, loaders, 4WD, parts, tyres, etc. etc.  One thing that’s for certain is that lots of people are searching the internet for these tractor – and no wonder, they are great little tractors.  They are still in use on thousands of farms as a daily workhorse, starting on the coldest of days and really proving their worth.

If you have a 135 then please leave a comment in the box below, tell us what you use your tractor for and if you like the fergie.

7 Responses to “Ferguson 135”

  1. Hello, i am from father send mf 135 tractor to india in 1972 from england.serial no is 171948.With two furrow massey fergusson riversable plough.please let me know the production year,and also how many tractors were send to india in 1972 from england.please reply.thanks

  2. Buck said

    I now have a 135 that I love. I did have a MF30 industrial (yellow) tractorvwhich never let me down, that I bought for $300 and used it and abused it for 12 years on our 5 acre farm . My new 135 is a 1971 Canadian model as the 135 emblem is at the steering wheel end of the engine cover. The 3 cyl. desiel engine starts easily and runs great. Last night I went through the electrical system and got the fluorescent gauge lights working and found out hat it has a Delo Remy 10DN alternator which does not have the internal regulator, maybe one day I will change it over to the alternator with an internal regulator, just to clean up the wiring

  3. daniel gast said

    we were brushhogging and the tractor came to a stop and was hung in gear we rock it back and forth untill it came out of gear and coasted to bottom of the hill. but now when you start it clutch in and in neutural it acts as though it is still in gear and it pulls the engine down when releasing the clutch/ the tractor doesn’t move. we have not fully release the clutch because we are affraid to break something. thing tractor belongs to my 84 year old grand mother. i would like to fix it. i just dont know what to fix.

  4. Chuck said

    I have a mf 135 diesel that won’t move when shifted into any of the gears.It seems like there is clutch movement and a difference in noise when depressing the clutch,but no forward or reverse movement.any ideas folks?

  5. Faizal Mohamed said

    Hello, I am From Guyana my father have a MF 135 I dont know what is the Serial # and year manfactured but we are trying to keep it in Good Condition so far this tractor works very good you do get problem but we try to fix it. You can never go wrong with this type of tractor its fourth forward tractor. I need the orginal dash board tacho meter in fact all the genuine dashboard guage can you say where i can get these? Please reply .Awaiting on your respond Thanks.



  6. Ken Anderson said

    Hello, My neighbor has a 1974 MF 135 which is uses to brushhog.
    When he raises the brushhog up off of the ground, it keeps bumping against the drive shaft of the tractor continuously. What could be the problem?
    Also, we are not certain what the inside lever by the seat it for? Help.

  7. Matt pippin said

    The serial number on my 135 is 9ai6857i I think it’s a 69 but not sure im repainting it for my pawpaw right now but we use it about once a year at the deer camp to plant food plots it still has all original parts just had to replace a few bolts on steering and body and grill is missing but is in great shape only problem we have ever had is batteries and minor leak great tractor , runs like a sowing machine

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