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Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on May 13, 2010

These are the starting serial numbers for the Massey Ferguson 135 for each year of build.  Production ran for 11 years between 1964 and 1975, with many of the tractors still in use on farm today.  The tractor identification plate that has the serial number stamped on is located on the instrument panel, just below the steering wheel.

1964 641000001
1965 641001909
1966 641014871
1967 9A10001
1968 9A39836
1969 9A63158
1970 9A87325
1971 9A107519
1972 9A128141
1973 9A152025
1974 9A182761
1975 9A207681


The majority of tractos built for the UK and market used the Perkins AD3.152 engine which was well liked for its good starting performance.  There is no mistaking the noise of the 45.5hp engine as it is working around the farm yard.
If you are having any problems with your AD3.152 engine or are about to undertake a full rebuild then you may find the Perkins 3A.152 Engine Rebuild DVD useful (available from our sister website –  This DVD was filmed for the MF35, but most of the information also pertains to the AD3.152 engine.


49 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers”

  1. gypsyman said

    my brother recently acquired an industrial massey ferguson tractor. both hood and radiator are missing and it had a loader on it, also missing. we’re trying to find out what model and year it is. tractor serial number is 9A61904, continental engine number is Z134758058. aqny help will be much appreciated. thx

  2. Dennis said

    I am working on a MF 135 serial # 9A 153768. I am having trouble with the steering gear manual parts.

  3. donna perrin said

    Just a few minutes ago we looked up the sn on our 1975 MF 135 that my husband has had since brand new in 1975. It starts with 9A204 as opposed to 9A207 starting serial numbers above. Could we have misread our SN?

  4. Joe said

    Where can I find Chassis No. For MF 135 Badge on Lower dash is missing. Engine GKN1842

  5. v hylands said

    I am working on Massey Ferguson 135, 1968 tractor and the identification plate is missing. Is there any where else the number might be stamped on the body of the tractor? If not how do I go about getting it registered for vintage shows and road runs.

  6. arkansas massy said

    is there any other way to tell the year make my tag is gone

  7. Katie said

    I have a question, when reading a MF 135 Serial Number does the “1” at the beginning (after 9A) look similar to a “T”?

    • Jason said

      I have the same delima Katie. Mine is a 9A T123489 or is it a “1” Sure does look like a T tho.

    • Buck said

      mine look like a capital ” I “. ( horrizotal line top & bot. )

      • Stacey Neal Grable said

        I just bought a MF135 from a co-worker. Serial Number plate reads 9A I07052. Sure does look like a capital
        i to me too. can anone relate on this issue?

  8. Bill McAfee said

    mine read’s 9AI196536 Look,s like a capital I to me also

  9. m mc avinue said

    what year was the last 135 made in?

  10. noel said

    My neighbour has aquired a MF 135 and wishes to find out the year. The serial plate on the dash reads, MF20 (135), 806919. Stamped on the engine is 244A1867505M1.
    Any info greatly appreciated.

  11. I have a MF 135 (my Dad’s) which shows SN 9A131127 or it might be 9AI3II27….but this does not show up on the SN List.

  12. cyril said


  13. Helen of donnell said

    Our engine ad3. 153 we do not know the year 1862190m3

  14. aled jones said

    I have MF 135 (my Dads) which shows a serial number MF 135 SN 124401 which is to the right hand side below the instrument panel , to the right of the steering wheel. This number doesn’t co-inside with the chassis or frame number which is on the log book which reads MF 135 SN 152UA 134752D.
    Any information of when it was made would be appreciated

    • patrick o'malley said

      That’s the engine number on log book put down in wrong place. Mistakes are made all the time with these books.Engine number is stamped on right hand side of engine block.

  15. rob said

    hi can anyone help i have a mf 135-8 snmy serial number 600567 and has a perkins 3.144 in it. is it very early can anyone shed some light on this tractor cheers rob

  16. John Burnett said

    I have a sn 9AII744 what year is it.

    • Bobby Williams said

      I believe yours to be a 1967 model because one number in the serial # is missing prior to 1971. They added another number to the serial # in 1971. I hope this will help, and I hope the info is correct. I am having problems with my serial # also, on my 135.

      • Larry Westmoreland said

        9A I06 I97 Is my serial number it’s a 135 also I just bought it trying to figure out what year it is so I know what kind of parts to buy

  17. Mark Jones said

    My 135 has lost it’s serial number plate, but the number stamped on the engine is 37111500x . Does this help to age it ?

    • Calvin Acree said

      Mark, I have a Uk 135. It has an AD3-152 Perkins Diesel with a 37111500/2 number on it. Its a 1966 year model. I figured that out by the number on the dash under the right of steering wheel.There on the plate it reads 447-512. 1966 numbers start at 30,000 and 1967 numbers start at 60,000.

  18. denis said

    I looked at a 135 and the month and year of manufacture was stamped on the bottom of the sump
    don’t know if all are like that

  19. John kirby said

    I have a petrol 135, built in Coventry, and imported to NZ. The serial number is D95085. Did exports use a different system. ? Can anyone help with age of this model ?

  20. Truth said

    We’re can I find the year of my mf135 tractor as the plate been removed from the dash

  21. Bill said

    I have MF 135 S/N 9A T22498 what would be the year ?

  22. Randy quave said

    The ser number on my 135 is 9A127212 so what year is it

  23. David Hender said

    I have just bought a MF 135. The serial number reads 2135 803562. This does not seem to tie in with anything that I have read before on serial numbers. I believe it to be an earlyish model as I am assuming that for a 13 inch grill, you measure vertically

  24. David said

    How do i find a serial number on my Massey 135. I bought it and the panel with serial plate on is missing.Please could you tell me what to do next as I would like to put a original number plate on it. The owner gave me a reg number but I don’t know if it’s correct. Thanks

  25. Paul said

    I sold a 135 purchased new in 1972, belonged to a family member who passed away. The data plate says TO35 SGM204658 yet it has all the markings of a 135 it has power steering and a pto the person who I sold it to said someone must have changed the hood and grill to say 135 he says it is a TO35 not a 135.but it looks nothing like a 35
    please email if you can help at

  26. Herman said

    Hello, I am trying to determine the correct year of my MF 135 serial number 9A 151111

  27. Jessie " AL " Dulaney said

    Just inherited a Massey Ferguson
    The cal decal has a faded 1 in front of the 35
    Don’t know the year , me and momma are still look’n for the title .
    Tag reads : 9A208388
    Any help and what it originally looks like is helpful .
    My dad bought this tractor at a auction , he said that it was once used at a golf course , it still has turf tires on it .
    Any info is helpful . Thank You

  28. Herman said

    Trying to find the year model of my mf135 the ss# is 9a i9i354 . The i in the ss# is confusing me none of the reference include an ( i )??

  29. patrick halfacre said

    I have a Massey Ferguoson 135 with ser. no. sgm641002981.
    I can not find this no. listed on any site. Can you help


  30. Mike brady said


  31. Mike brady said

    What year is my Massy ferguson tractor serial number 9a 191745

  32. Steve Speltz said

    My Massey s/n is 9a56797.Can you tell me what year this tractor was built? It is a 4 cylinder continental engine.

  33. Shaun said

    Does anyone have any information on this serial number?
    135 475397 F
    Doesn’t seem to match up with above numbers

  34. Kat Stafford said

    I have a Massey ferg 135 that I just bought. There is not a plate with a serial number on the front dash.
    On the right side of the cylinder head– it looks like there would be a number there but there isn’t anymore.
    Under the front oil pan, there are numbers: 1412-64
    On the Generator: 1100437-5B-4.

    I’m lost and any help would be appreciated! Thank you

  35. mildred pitts said

    Mildred said ,I have a Massey Ferguson 135 serial number 9A I8334 what year is this tractor.

  36. Larry Westmoreland said

    9A I06 I97 Is my serial number and I’m having problems finding what you

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