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10 Hour (Or Daily) Service

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on December 4, 2013

Daily servicing of your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is vital to keep your machine running smoothly.  This service is recommended by Massey Ferguson either daily or every 10 hours.  When tractors are used for a full day it is easy to get into the daily service routine.  However, if a tractor is only used for a few minutes each day it can be easy to forget to do these simple checks so try and have a routine of once a week if you only use the tractor intermittently.

Fastidious operators would check the engine oil level each day even if only using the tractor for a few minutes.

The Service

  1. Check engine oil when tractor is on level ground. Fill if necessary.
  2. Check coolant level in radiator. Top up to within 37mm from the top of the radiator.
  3. Check the dry air cleaner hoses and unloader valve.
  4. Inspect the primary fuel filter glass bowl and drain off any water.
  5. Grease front axle spindles and front hubs.
  6. Grease front axle pivots pin.
  7. Grease levelling box and lift arms.
  8. Grease brake pedal bearing assembly.
  9. Check tyre pressures and adjust for the current job.
  10. Check belt pulley oil level if in use. Refill to plug level with a recommended transmission oil if necessary.

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