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135 Refurbishment

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on December 5, 2016

We currently have a 135 in the workshop for refurbishment.

The main tasks are an engine rebuild, clutch overhaul and some attention is needed to the Multi-Power.  Whilst we have the tractor we will also check out the hydraulics and anything else that is in need of a little attention.

We will be documenting the work as we go along and have already written a bit about it on our sister site (Vintage Tractor Engineer).

Here’s what there is so far…

The Tractor In For Refurbishment.

Engine Oil Pump Assessment.



We’ve now made a video guide for the clutch replacement and for other work whilst in the clutch housing.  This link takes you to the MF135 Clutch Replacement Guide.

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Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on February 12, 2010

The Massey Ferguson 135 is a popular tractor.  In fact it is one of the most popular tractors for vintage and classic enthusiasts.  So today I did a bit of research into what people are searching for on the internet when they are looking for information on this tractor.  Here are some of the terms people are typing in…

  1. ferguson 135
  2. massey ferguson 135
  3. MF135
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  6. ferguson MF 135
  7. massey ferguson MF135
  8. 135 MF
  9. massey furguson 135
  10. massey 135
  11. tractor 135
  12. 135 tractors
  13. perkins 135
  14. massey ferusson 135
  15. massey ferguson tractor 135
  16. masey ferguson 135

…and a whole host of other spellings of the tractor name!!!

People are also searching for spares, second hand, for sale, cabs, loaders, 4WD, parts, tyres, etc. etc.  One thing that’s for certain is that lots of people are searching the internet for these tractor – and no wonder, they are great little tractors.  They are still in use on thousands of farms as a daily workhorse, starting on the coldest of days and really proving their worth.

If you have a 135 then please leave a comment in the box below, tell us what you use your tractor for and if you like the fergie.

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Wheels And Grill Paint Colour, Massey Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 28, 2010

People are often asking which colour the wheels and grill should be on the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.

All the 100 series tractors used silver mist for the wheels and grill. Both the wheel centres and the rims were painted silver mist, but not the hub cap on the front axle or the axle end of the rear axle.

There does seem to be an increasing number of tractors been restored and having the wheel centres painted red. This colour scheme does look good and this colour scheme is on one of the original brochures I have seen for the 135. Red wheel centres does seem to be common on the tractors exported to Canada and Austrlia (to name two countries where a reasonably large number of these tractors went to).

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Which Grade Of Engine Oil, Massey Ferguson 135?

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 28, 2010

When changing the engine oil in the Massey 135 with a Perkins AD3-152 engine, it is essential to use the correct oil. The type of oil chosen does depend on the climate, but the modern multi-grade oils make this much easier.

For normal temperate climates (0 to 25 degrees C) most people use a 15W40 multigrade oil. If however, the tractor is in a cold climate, then 10W30 is more common. In climates such as Canada, where the summer and winter temperature extremes are so wide, it is often necessary to change the oil between summer and winter.

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Massey Ferguson 135 Restoration DVD Review

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on December 18, 2009

Here at Vintage Massey Ferguson 135 .com we’ve been watching the new Reborn Tractor Massey Ferguson 135 Restoration DVD.

In fact we haven’t been able to put it down!!!

So what is it that’s keeping us glued to the TV?  Well there’s 210 minutes of footage on 2 discs – more than enough to annoy the wife when she’s trying to see the next episode of her favourite programme!!

The film goes through some of the common mechanical  issues and problems that need repairing on an old 135 and shows how to do these jobs.

The real value in this DVD is showing how to do the restoration work. What do I mean?  Well we all have to make decisions when doing a tractor restoration, and that can be any make of tractor restoration – the principle is the same.  In this case the film obviously follows a MF135, and goes into details for this particular model.

We are talked through the decisions of buying new body panels or renovating the old ones.  Buying new panels is probalby the cheapest option (and certainly the easiest); that said renovating your old bonnet (OK, hood if you are across the Atlantic) and wings can be less expensive than buying new if you are doing the job yourself.  It is the labour requirement that costs all the money.  The paint and materials are a smaller part of the cost.

Take a look at the 2 minute DVD trailer, to see some of what is in the film.

The result of the discussion on body panel renovation or renewal is basically down to personal preference.  It depends what you want from your tractor.  Do you just want to tidy up the machine for use around your own place?  Or do you want originality and to win shows with your tractor.  With poplular tractors like the ‘135 it is easy to get new replacement bonnets and wings, but this option is not available for some less common models.  In this situation you will have to renovate the old parts.

Renovating Body Panels

Showing us how to renovate the body panels is, in our opinion, the real value in this DVD.  It shows…

  • Sandblasting
  • Sodablasting and aluminium oxide blasting air pressures
  • Cutting out rusted and rotten pieces of metal
  • Welding in new metal to preserve the original look and maintain authenticity
  • Smoothing the joints so they can’t be seen

We are then taken through the process of panel beating, filling any holes and sanding, before looking at the painting processs.

Before the sand blasting process on the engine and castings the experts show how to cover any parts than need protecting from the abrasive blasting process.  How to cover threads and stud holes, port holes and which products to use that will offer this protection.

Vintage Massey Ferguson 135 .com would give this DVD a Five Star Rating ***** and FULLY RECOMMEND that you add it to your restoration resources.  It is a really well made production, well presented and calls on the experience of different tractor restoration experts for each of the processes.  We intended to watch the first hour of the film but we were glued to the TV until we had watched both discs!!!!

It is a resource that we have already revisited to replay sections of when we wanted to remember how to do something.

The latest news is that the DVD has been selling all over the world, with particularly strong demand in  Sweden, Jersey, Ireland and Wales.  Vintage Massey Ferguson 135 .com got hold of one of the first copies – I wander if there’s any chance it will become a collectors item in a few years time?  Just like the MF135 itself.

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Reborn Tractor, Massey Ferguson 135 DVD

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on November 27, 2009

MF 135 Restoration DVD

The new DVD from Reborn Tractor on the restoration of a barn-find Massey Ferguson 135 is now completed and for sale.  The DVD has been eagerly awaited by the MF135 enthusiasts community and there has been over 15,000 views of the DVD preview photos before the release of the film.

Producer Stephen, is a tractor enthusiast himself and so he knows the process people go through when they renovate their own tractor, what original features are important to people, but also that we all have to watch the spiralling cost of renovating a tractor.  The whole DVD is centred around the desire to keep the tractor original.  We all know that there are several after-market parts manufacturers, some of whome produce very good quality parts, but if you are able to renovate the old body panels, wheel rims etc. then it is not only more satisfying but also increases the value of the tractor.

The whole process has taken so much time and effort that Stephen has found it difficult to get all the necesary information onto a single DVD.  In fact there was so much information to get over to the viewer that the film has filled two DVD’s!  Although the content of the film is based around the Massey Ferguson 135, the principles are the same for any make of tractor.  It’s a must for anyone who is involved with tractor restoration.  In our opinion it’s the best general tractor restoration DVD released to date.

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Welcom To The New Massey Ferguson 135 Website

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on November 23, 2009

This is the first ever entry on the website.  We have started this website because we believe such an iconic classic tractor deserves its own domain name and website!

In fact surveys tell us that the 135 is the most popular classic tractor ever built.  There is so much interest in these tractors it is unreal, but not unbelievable.  Anyone who has driven a Massey 135 will understand why.  They are just a joy to drive, much lighter on the steering than the larger 165, or 175, nimble in the steering lock yet capable of performing most tasks on the farm in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  In fact many of them are still in use on farms today.

They are just that bit more comfortable than the Massey Ferguson 35 was, with a slightly higher driving position meaning that the clutch is at a more comfortable angle – particularly as many of these tractors were fitted with a fore-end loader.

An issue of a tractor magazine does not seem to be published by the likes of Tractor and Machinery, Classic Tractor, Tractor Magazine or Classic Massey without there been an article included about these tractors.  Then of course there are sites such as Vintage Tractor Engineer where there are just hundreds of questions, answers and articles on how to repair your 135.

If you have any information about these tractors to share with us, then please leave a comment for everyone to read.  It is the contribution of the readers that makes this site what it is.  Most of the articles and information have come from owners of these tractors.

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