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Making A Video Guide For MF135 Hydraulics Repair

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on March 15, 2016

The Vintage Massey Ferguson 135 website has a sister site over at Vintage Tractor Engineer.

We have the dedicated MF135 website because they are such a great tractor and deserve their very own website dedicated to nothing but the 135!

So what do we do at Vintage Tractor Engineer?

Well at VTE we have more in-depth tractor maintenance articles and procedures (in fact, we have hundreds of them) to show you how to do various maintenance procedures.  We also have full in-depth DVD or online videos to take tractor owners through more complex tasks such as engine repairs or hydraulics repairs.  These are shown in full detail so that anyone can follow the guides.

We have been getting an increased number of emails from MF135 owners who need a detailed video for the 135 hydraulics system.

There are some distinct obstacles and problems that 135 owners face when trying to do any work on the hydrualics system on their own.

The general method of dismantling the hydraulics is shown in the MF135 workshop manual.  That is fine and will be a big help.  However, there was also a further publication produced by MF that gave the procedure necessary to do the set-up correctly when it is been re-assembled.

This publication was only made available to MF dealerships and is no longer available.  Most people just don’t know that it ever existed and unless you were an MF mechanic back in the 1970’s that knowledge is mostly missing.

There are also special tools that are necessary to do this set-up procedure.

These tools are no longer available.

So what can we do?

Well hopefully this is where the Vintae Tractor Engineer is going to come in.

We are hoping to produce a video to shosw how to undertake this repair and show how to do the set-up procedure.  We are also having the tools reproduced so that owners are able to undertake this repair themselves and know that the job has been done correctly.

Hop over to the Vintage Tractor Engineer website now.

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10 Hour (Or Daily) Service

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on December 4, 2013

Daily servicing of your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is vital to keep your machine running smoothly.  This service is recommended by Massey Ferguson either daily or every 10 hours.  When tractors are used for a full day it is easy to get into the daily service routine.  However, if a tractor is only used for a few minutes each day it can be easy to forget to do these simple checks so try and have a routine of once a week if you only use the tractor intermittently.

Fastidious operators would check the engine oil level each day even if only using the tractor for a few minutes.

The Service

  1. Check engine oil when tractor is on level ground. Fill if necessary.
  2. Check coolant level in radiator. Top up to within 37mm from the top of the radiator.
  3. Check the dry air cleaner hoses and unloader valve.
  4. Inspect the primary fuel filter glass bowl and drain off any water.
  5. Grease front axle spindles and front hubs.
  6. Grease front axle pivots pin.
  7. Grease levelling box and lift arms.
  8. Grease brake pedal bearing assembly.
  9. Check tyre pressures and adjust for the current job.
  10. Check belt pulley oil level if in use. Refill to plug level with a recommended transmission oil if necessary.

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Restoring A Massey Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on September 28, 2011

Restoring an old tractor is a long process which starts with the mechanical aspects. This may be a full engine rebuild, hydraulic refurbishment, or it could just be a case of replacing a few oil seals.  All these jobs need to be done first, as there is no point in making all the paintwork good to then have either oil running down the new paintwork or having to go back and undertake repairs which then damage the paint.

Preparation and painting is done as the tractor is re-assembled.  I was reminded of this as I watched this MF135 restoration from youtube…

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MF 135 Stopped Charging Battery

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on February 7, 2010

We’ve had a question from Gary, who asks about his Massey Ferguson 135 dynamo, as the electrical system isn’t charging the tractor battery. Here is what Gary says…

I have a MF135 with a diesel engine.It has stopped charging the battery and wondered if you could tell me how to check to see if the dynamo and other components are working correctly to find out what is wrong.The tractor is used on a working farm daily as it is ideal to get in the small byres.

Thank you

Gary W.

Hi Gary,

We have written a page on how to test the dynamo on the Vintage Tractor Engineer Site…

Testing a 12V Dynamo

…also from there you can see a link to the MF35 wiring diagram, which is similar to yours (but positive earth instead of negative).

Just a few questions for you to think about

  1. Do the lights work? When you turn on the lights does this show a minus current? Because if the ampmeter does not show a discharge during electricuse (eg lights on) then it is likely that the charging does not work for the same reason – the reason been that it is possible that the ampmeter has gone faulty. When this happens the battery cannot charge.
  2. Are your battery leads and wiring loom OK. If it is turning the starter
    motor over OK then battery leads should be OK.
  3. Is the wiring loom OK. Often the earth lead comes off the regulator box (or breaking through at some point).

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

The MF135 Team.

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