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135 Refurbishment

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on December 5, 2016

We currently have a 135 in the workshop for refurbishment.

The main tasks are an engine rebuild, clutch overhaul and some attention is needed to the Multi-Power.  Whilst we have the tractor we will also check out the hydraulics and anything else that is in need of a little attention.

We will be documenting the work as we go along and have already written a bit about it on our sister site (Vintage Tractor Engineer).

Here’s what there is so far…

The Tractor In For Refurbishment.

Engine Oil Pump Assessment.



We’ve now made a video guide for the clutch replacement and for other work whilst in the clutch housing.  This link takes you to the MF135 Clutch Replacement Guide.

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Which Grade Of Engine Oil, Massey Ferguson 135?

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 28, 2010

When changing the engine oil in the Massey 135 with a Perkins AD3-152 engine, it is essential to use the correct oil. The type of oil chosen does depend on the climate, but the modern multi-grade oils make this much easier.

For normal temperate climates (0 to 25 degrees C) most people use a 15W40 multigrade oil. If however, the tractor is in a cold climate, then 10W30 is more common. In climates such as Canada, where the summer and winter temperature extremes are so wide, it is often necessary to change the oil between summer and winter.

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Massey Ferguson 135 Radiator Hose Kit

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 5, 2010

The only thing to be aware of when ordering your radiator hose kit is that they are different for the straight and swept axle versions.

Many hoses are now perished and in need of replacement. Thankfully the hoses aren’t that expensive and some kits come with the necessary clips. If you wish to keep the originallity of your tractor then you should save (or try and source) the proper spring clips as opposed to using a jubilee clip. There is nothing wrong with using a jubilee clip from a useability point of view.  Kits contain top,bottom, bypass and inlet hose.

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