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A Detailed Look At A Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on February 17, 2011

This vide (bottom of page) gives a detailed look at a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.  It has a Mill loader fitted with a bucket level indicator.  The bucket used to be a trip loader but now it has been converted to hydraulic crowd operated by spool valves.  There is a diverter valve on top of the hydraulic cover so that the oil supply can either be routed towards the loader or the rear linkage.

It has a solid cab with rubber trim but the tractor is in need of foot plates.  It also has the delux seat and the gentleman has a sales brochure to use as a reference.

And with 4241 genuine hours on the clock the engine should be good for many years yet.  Unfortunately, although the tin work is straight, there is a lot of rust and rot on the cab.

Like many 135’s it has a T-bar fitted for the pick up hitch and the owner has made a concrete weight to balance the loader (to the same dimensions as an original one).  The tractor is used for the usual sort of jobs such as topping grass and running a sawbench.

The owner has made a nice little video which talks through the tractor at a nice pace.  Worth a little watch.

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Wheels And Grill Paint Colour, Massey Ferguson 135

Posted by The 135 Webmaster on January 28, 2010

People are often asking which colour the wheels and grill should be on the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.

All the 100 series tractors used silver mist for the wheels and grill. Both the wheel centres and the rims were painted silver mist, but not the hub cap on the front axle or the axle end of the rear axle.

There does seem to be an increasing number of tractors been restored and having the wheel centres painted red. This colour scheme does look good and this colour scheme is on one of the original brochures I have seen for the 135. Red wheel centres does seem to be common on the tractors exported to Canada and Austrlia (to name two countries where a reasonably large number of these tractors went to).

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